Using video in your Facebook Ads will increase conversion by 3 times

The frightening evidence is hard to ignore. 50% of visitors to your website will spend only 8 seconds reading plain text then they’re gone!! It’s been scientifically proven that people love watching video as it captivates and holds your audience long enough to buy!

Big multinational companies spend a fortune on analysing internet trends to find out just how long visitors spend on the home page of their website it’s called “Bounce Rate”, and the results they found where shocking! Over 50% of visitors to your website will leave within 8 seconds, it isn’t because your website isn’t a good website, its just the way peoples minds have been trained to surf the internet. Sometimes people just find reading text boring! If your home page isn’t spectacular and dramatic enough to grab their attention in the first few seconds, there gone!!!

This is where using video can hold your visitors on your site long enough to buy!!

Short video sample played inside your pub or restaurant with your menu products or services