Social Wi-Fi

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We offer solutions also for large Restaurants, Cafès, and Pubs that need wider coverage, but this does not affect the cost compared to the number of your customers. NTO Social WiFi enables you to multiply an extra value by encouraging existing customers and their friends and family to visit you more times again.


  • Increase your fans on Facebook! So you promote your business to your customers, as well as to their friends and family;
  • Sending offers and promotions in real time when you want to promote food and beverage products thanks to Net Coupons;
  • Profile your customers from the demographic information attached to their social media account with Social Analytics and send them personalized advertisements through Email marketing;
  • With Survey Pro you ask your customers how they felt and what they want next time, testing the quality of your services and new products or activities to get useful suggestions to improve it in real time;
  • Collect statistics! With Advanced Statistics you know the number of your net. You know how many users are connected every day, their age, gender and nationality to send them an effective advertisement based on your ideal target, specifying city, gender, and age of customers to whom the advertisement is direct.

What’s more:

  • Presence Analytics analyses the customers’ behavior when you start a new initiative, their loyalty degree and how they react to offers and promotions to find the most effective marketing strategy;
  • With External link you can promote products and services through external link to your web pages providing more information to your customers.
  • With Spot News customers will be always up to date about all most important news, and Weather that offers up to date weather condition up until 4 next days to manage your days at your best!
  • Places informes your customers about places of interest around you, to propose to your customers the best way to enjoy their stay!
  • Nearby allows you to advertise some point of interest near you. You can integrate it with Net Coupon and Geo Chat that allows end-users to interact among them and send them personalized advertisements.
  • Pin-up is a virtual notice-board that allows you to post personal texts and any kind of advertising, promotions, and events and promote them directly on your splash portal!
  • Instant Win allows to end-users to play online and to know who is the winner in real time! You establish rules, time validity and prizes of the games. It is very useful, for example, to launch a new product to make your customers know it.

Remember that with NTO Social WiFi all your WiFi users can ‘Like’ or ‘Follow’ your business, so promoting you to all their friends and colleagues.

If you think people are increasingly influenced by online recommendations, you can imagine how important is receiving good feedback from your customers, and understand how to improve your services.


Using NTO Social WiFi for your business is easy, simple and quick.

Most of the time there is the possibility to keep the cost to a minimum because the entire local can be covered by just one WiFi router.