FB Changes 8

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8. Increased Reliance on Hashtags

Over the last few years, the use of more hashtags leads to significantly less engagement on Facebook. As there used to be no limit, on how many tags you could use on Facebook, people, over time, abused them, adding them to every word and mention in the hopes of expanding their reach.

Some people still find hashtags confusing, even though everyone says to use them, as that they are super powerful, but no one really tells you how to use them effectively,

One of the new changes, that Facebook has announced is, that it’s going to be increasingly reliant on the use of hashtags when recommending or determining how your page or posts appear in search results, so, users are increasingly using Facebook to search current topics using hashtags.


So, for example, let’s just say someone is looking for a specific restaurant in a specific area, most people use Facebook because it not only shows a list of food providers geographically, it can show recent posts, with special offers and discounted deals. it can also provide great customer reviews and feedback.


You should make it a priority to begin to use hashtags, to make sure you are showing up at the top of the search results within Facebook, As I’m sure you know, it’s important to tailor the content you produce and share to each individual social media channel. And the way in which you should use hashtags on Facebook is unique.

Hashtag Tips to get the best out of your post

Use keywords relevant to your business brand – or location

Use them sparingly, the more hashtags you use the less interactions with your posts you publish on Facebook.

1-2 hashtags 593 interaction.
3-5 hashtags 416 interactions.
6-10 hashtags 307 interactions.
10 + hashtags 188 interactions.

As you can see 1 to 2 hashtags are recommended, you can use more, but defiantly don’t use more than 10, as it seriously diminishes your interactive reach.

Generally, I would suggest adding 1-2 key hashtags. And then maybe expanding to 10 if you wish. Test to see what works, see if your interactions are the same with 10, as using  1 -2 hashtags

It could be about the topic of the post-it could be the location it could be about what you offer or something like that, so, basically the more hashtags you use in a post you’re going to get less interaction.

Use keywords relevant to your business or location so if you are a local business selling products or services in your area always tag your location in your post a lot of the time if people are traveling they are going to search for a specific town or city for something to do or things to buy like takeaway food etc.

Use free tools for creating hashtags there are lots free online,  also, use the best hashtags relative to a topic.

Also, Use Branded and Popular Hashtags

Much like Twitter or Instagram, and Facebook marketers use both branded (#SproutSocial) and popular social community hashtags, (#MotivationMonday) (#ThrowbackThursday) in their posts to boost engagement.

Just to make sure you’re showing up in not just recommendations but high as possible in a Facebook search topic and location options.

Remember Don’t Go Overboard.

It’s better to use one carefully chosen hashtag than to try to reach everybody with tons of hashtags. Studies have shown that engagement actually decreases, the more hashtags you use in your Facebook posts:

Start taking advantage of hashtags ASAP to increase visibility and engagement.