FB Changes 5

New changes to Facebook Groups 

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  1. Important Changes for Groups
  • When a user has repeated violations in a Group. They will be blocked from being able to post or comment in any Group for a period of time.
  • Groups will be removed from the platform permanently for repeated violations of Facebooks Community Standards – without warning
  • Groups may be demoted in Recommendations If quality Ranking is low
  • When a user joins a group, they will be informed of prior Community Standards violations so they can make informed decisions about that group

Facebook is trying to clean up its Group’s experience and limit the reach of potentially problematic users and communities. The company announced multiple changes to groups today, including plans to put users who break rules on probation, further limit the reach of civic and political groups, and require more moderation in groups that have violated Facebook’s rules.


First change: Group members who break Facebook’s rules will suffer various new consequences. Initially, people with repeat violations will be prevented from posting or commenting in any group for a certain period of time. This could be either seven or 30 days, depending on the number of violations and the severity of them. They also won’t be able to invite other people to any groups or create new groups.

If a user in your group has repeated violations they will be blocked or unable to comment in not just your group but any group for a period of time, so, this is just to kind of make sure that they are not able to post harmful content in posts or comments across Facebook in General.

This doesn’t affect us as small business owners which is good for us because it’s helping manages and litigate some risks associated with Facebook users who are posting harmful or offensive, we don’t want that in our Groups. So, Facebook doing its part to ensure those people aren’t able to infiltrate our groups and offend people with malicious content.


The second change that will affect us as Group owners, admins and moderators’ groups will be removed from the platform permanently for repeated violations to Facebooks community Standards and NOW without warning.

Facebook used to give warnings to Group owners, admins, and moderators when you logged in to your Group you would see a notification saying you need to review Facebooks Community Standards we’ve seen some posts from you that are in violation we’ve seen some people posting things in your group that are in violation of the community standards,

So, as of today what Facebook is saying is, that it’s not going to be giving out more warnings your group could be removed permanently without warning for continuous abuse of the community standards.


So, if your group has not been removed, but Facebook does see you have had some unscrupulous activity in your group your group may be demoted in the recommended groups that you see showing up on Facebook when people search for Groups to join as a user or to promote their business they may not be presented with your group if your overall quality ranking is low.

So, keep it clean make sure you have read Facebook community standards and that you are complying with Facebook’s rules, and that you are in compliance with everything you post.

The third change to groups is when a user joins a group, they are going to be informed of prior Community Standards violations of that group so they can make an informed decision. This is the pop-up that a user will see when they try to join your group.

One of the biggest changes is around members who break rules. Groups that have numerous violations will soon come with a warning label, too. Whenever a user tries to join one of these groups, they’ll receive a disclaimer that the group has violated community standards, which might dissuade them from joining. Facebook will also limit invite notifications for these groups. For existing members, the company will reduce the distribution of the group’s content, meaning it’ll be shown lower in the News Feed. (It first piloted this functionality around the 2020 US presidential election, but it’s now making it a regular feature.)

Finally, these violating groups’ admins and moderators will have to temporarily approve all posts whenever the group has a substantial number of members who have violated policies or were part of other groups that were removed for breaking the rules. If these admins or moderators just approve everything, even content that breaks the rules, the entire group will be taken down.