FB Changes 4

4. Reaching Consumers Near Your Business in Real-Time

Users may see suggested posts based on where they are physically located – and what other users are currently interacting with on Facebook

The fourth change I am so excited about for local businesses this exciting new change is going allow your posts to be seen by consumers on Facebook And Instagram by users who are near your bricks-and-mortar business in real-time, So, that’s People who are near your business location.


This is a BIG game changer for you and me. It is going to really help the small business-like hospitality restaurant takeaways that have been hit so badly in the covid crisis. So not only residents but also visitors and travelers in your geographical location will see your posts.

Use keywords, and hashtags relevant to your business or location, so, if you are a local business selling products or services in your area, always tag your location in your post. a lot of the time, if people are traveling they are going to search for a specific town or city for something to do or things to buy like takeaway food etc.

This new feature will be released by Facebook in a matter of days.