FB Changes 3

3. Reaching More than just your followers

I’m so excited about this, as it’s really good news for the small business owners, this is going to be a real game-changer for the small business, especially those businesses that have been hit so hard with the Covid-19 pandemic.

Facebook, is going to significantly boost your organic reach!

So, What does this mean for brands? When it comes to earning more organic reach, the Facebook algorithm will reward you for posting content that people engage with.

So, in a nutshell, you are now going to be able to reach more than just your followers with your organic free posts.

Organic, meaning free posts, not paid posts. So, just to be sure, before we move on, organic means.

When you go to your business page and create a post, you’re not boosting it, you’re not creating an Ad, you’re just creating a free organic post, so we are talking free posts here.

So, what Facebook is going to do in the feed, is providing page suggestions, so, your page or group could be suggested to a user if other people or friends have previously interacted with your page, your group, or your post, so, this is going to be a new, and exciting way to expand your reach if you’re a small business.

This is a fantastic really big change for the small business, so if a user has recently engaged with a certain topic on Facebook, Facebook may suggest other posts related to that topic, which is why it’s so important to be posting regularly and using the relevant hashtags relating to that topic.

Facebook is going to be looking at keywords in your post, and if other users are interacting with posts similar to yours, they may see you as a suggested page or post in their newsfeed, so you need to be posting consistently and using hashtags to signify the theme of your content.

Also, this is important! Keep your content original in each post you produce, don’t copy and paste old posts to save yourself time, as this will drastically reduce your reward points with Facebook.

This brings me to our next point:

Don’t post Click Bait!

  • Don’t post clickbait or misinformation or other evil things like this. or the algorithm will hate you!
  • Clickbait meaning posting content asking people to share, or follow you, or, click here to buy now.
  • Links to sites that use plagiarized stolen content with no added value.
  • Misinformation and fake news.
  • Misleading health information and dangerous cures.