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How Rich Media Can Bring Your Emails to Life

Marketers are attuned to the power of video and its march toward online media dominance shows no sign of relenting. Video is still under-utilized in email marketing, but its use is increasing as email providers are starting to support embedded videos. This opens a range of new avenues to tell a brand story to an already engaged audience..

The implementation of rich videos in an email marketing campaign with a call to action title phrase can bring amazing Boost conversion and click-through rates.

Did you know that video as a media appears in 70% of top 100 search listings. As a marketer, capitalizing on this key statistic and pushing it to work for your brand’s email marketing campaign can prove to be quite favorable. Further, videos in emails can increase your email click-through rate by up to 300% and reduce your unsubscribe rate by 75%

Example:  A1 Training selling First Aid Training courses
‘Could you save someones life?’

By adding the power of video to your email marketing, you’ll be giving it a refreshing performance boost! This is why.

The effectiveness of email marketing has been proven over time.  It has withstood the barrage of new communication options, and still delivers among the highest ROIs in the digital marketing world

 Video marketing has also proved itself to be a high ROI earner for marketers seeking to engage consumers with plenty of distractions and short attention spans. So when you execute a campaign using the ‘best of both worlds’ by implementing videos in your email marketing efforts,  Consumers love videos. Maybe that’s why, when trying out a new recipe, most of us would opt to seek out a demo by way of a video as opposed to actually reading the recipe and concentrating on every instruction.
According to eMarketer, approximately half of those marketers who use video in email campaigns see increased click-through rates, increased time spent reading the email, and increased sharing and forwarding.
Example:  Brooklowe:
Operational & Performance Consultants
Would your business benefit from improved performance
in excess Of 20:1 ROI ?’

Is Video in Email Marketing the next Inevitable?

Today’s marketers are in the constant fight against ‘content clutter’.

Email delivers, when done right. But Video mail can improve that performance exponentially and contribute toward better open rates, click through rates and enabling conversations.

It’s no surprise then that statistics suggest that 50% B2B marketers use videos for email marketing while a staggering 73% have claimed that use of video in marketing positively impacts their ROI. If this isn’t enough, in 2015 Forbes predicted that by 2019, 80% of all internet traffic will be to videos!


So, what can Video mail do that plain old Email just can’t?

Sure, it’s obvious that a video email would have the potential to improve the recipients understanding of the message, cut down on reading time and be more interactive.

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