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Social media Influencers are considered a valuable resource for marketers aiming to attract a certain audience. A food influencer, in particular, focuses their work on any topic related to food. This might include food news in your local area, recipes, great places to eat out, local cafe and restaurant food, videos, and reels of the influencer’s daily food adventures.

As the rise of social media allows us to dive into the food culture, many food and drink brands seek fresh and exciting ways to break through the noise. This is where foodie influencers and Instagrammers come into play. With a good eye for niche hospitality locations and mouth-watering food trends, the rise of influential user-generated content drives brand awareness and sales to brands they choose to feature on their social platforms.

In general, many foodie influencers work hard to create a powerful, eye-catching Instagram feed to make their food experiences appear more enticing and vibrant. As a result of promoting the food on their social channels, this can springboard brand awareness, ultimately increasing sales.


Urban Green Cafe

Cheese Geek UK

Cafe Andaluz Newcastle

ChaChaBuchie Newcastle

Not only can foodie influencers make a positive and direct impression on potential customers to draw them to restaurants on a regular basis, but they can also use marketing plans to promote one-time events. Further benefits to collaborations include the ability to boost your brand image, giving it more importance and staying current, and growing revenues in a creative and successful approach in a relatively short period of time.

A recommendation from a foodie influencer can have a significant impact. For example, an influencer’s actions can greatly raise the number of followers on a brand’s Instagram account. If the account content strategy is successful, these followers will most likely convert to consumers in a short amount of time.

The average UK consumer is experiencing a severe cost-of-living crisis as inflation surges to a forty-year high and the price of goods continues to rise. This shock is the result of the sharply increasing costs of commodities, energy, and the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, and is threatening FMCG manufacturers, retailers, and foodservice operators’ ability to survive and grow. Inflation will have a profound effect on many consumer-facing industries in 2022 and beyond. In drastic situations like this people instantly stop spending, and with fierce competition, it will be difficult to keep customers coming through the door. So, Keeping your business in the public eye to generate sales is more important now than ever before. We can help! Check out our MARKETING PLAN for these difficult times ahead.

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